Studies for the Chromatic Harmonica

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This book of "Studies for the Chromatic Harmonica" was written by Tommy Reilly in order to provide harmonica players with medium to advanced music to advance their playing skills. There are 93 Studies. Some of these deal with pure movement and some are written in the form of standalone pieces of music.

The original book was published in the 1960s, and is no longer available. Following a suggestion from Ena Reilly, Douglas Tate has edited the original text for printer's errors and made it available in an easy open, lay flat format. This new edition is available only through Ena.

Price 12 + 2 P&P in UK - (3.50 outside the UK).

KH wrote - "I'm very pleased with it - it's a high quality publication and I'm looking forward to integrating it into my practice routine. It will keep me busy for years. Some day, I'll have questions as to the best way(s) to tackle the part 2 studies, especially the chording"

This is not currently available but we hope to have copies soon.

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