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  • Production Music
    • Tommy Reilly, David Reilly and James Moody recorded a large amount of music to be used as incidental or background music (Music Library or Production Music). Some of the tracks were selected and used as theme music for TV and Radio shows such as The Navy Lark (Trade Wind Hornpipe) and the 1968 Children's Adventure Weekly on the BBC and the Canadian Children's programme Bobino (Double March). A series of alias were used for the composer's name including Max Martin and Dwight Barker.

      Some of the early music was released on 78 rpm recordings but most were released later as LPs along with some later compositions.

    • Solo Harmonica with Guitar Accompaniment - Conroy Recorded Music Library, Berry Music, BLMP 088 - Composers: D & T Reilly. Tommy Reilly, harmonica, David Reilly, guitar. Side A: Knights and Dragons; Morning Ride; Children's Fountain; Canals and Bridges; Sad Waltz; Moaning Bird; Bistro; Bossa Petite; The Daylight Song. Side B: Thingamajig; Bicycle Bill; Dream Day; Once upon a Time; Almost Mozart; Ha Harmonica; Boy Soldier; Grass Roots; Cantina.

      Each track is typically 1 to 2.5 mins.

    • Harmonica - Conroy Recorded Music Library, Berry Music, BMLP 160 (1976) - Composer: D Barker. - Side A: Sophisticated Party; Wind in her hair; Trade Wind Hornpipe; Child's Play; Hurry, Hurry; Pins and Needles; Night Out; Shooting the Rapids; Alley Cat; Mirabelle; Closing Tab 1; Closing Tab 2; Crown and Anchor; Beauty Queen; Evening Stroll; Keep it Steady; Jaunty Joe; Conjuring Trick; Gangway; Capstan Hornpipe; Liberty Special; Double March; Rolling Stone; Saucy Jack; Tall Story; Cocked Hat, Deck Games. Side B: Criss Cross; Royal Jester; Highway; Fly by Night; Follow Through; Top Dog; Easy Going; Smartie; Caught Out; Flip Flap; Ridin' Herd; Whistling Star; Cricket on th Spree; Alpine Echoes; Downlown Blues; Another Spring; More Haste; Pay Off; River Queen; Blue Dawn; Lost Patrol; Blue Sails; Roundabout Romance.

      Each track is typically 30-60 seconds in length.

      They came from earlier recordings - Side A: BM 118 (1958) (1/5), BM 201 (1559)-(6/18), BM 251 (1960 (19-27) - solo harmonica and small orchestral accompaniment - Side B: BM 252 (1960) (1-11), BM 253(1960) (12-18), BM 254 (1960) (19-23) - harmonica with rhythm accompaniment.

      There was another 78rpm issued - BM 126 (1958): Side A - Montmarte Mood - Rolling Along: Side B - Grim Jim, Suspense in Crime, Stealthy Criminal.

      BM 254B (1960): Yokohama Holiday is a Dwight Barker composition but no harmonica. BM 255 (1960): Side A was written by Dwight Barker but it has no harmonica.

    • Harmonica Moods - Boosey and Hawkes Library Music, SBH 3091 - Composer: David Holland. Soloist: Tommy Reilly, Harmonica. Side A: The Hamelin Piper; The Lady of the Lake; Ghost Town; Irish Navy Run; Slow Gold; Objets d'art. Side B: Oliver's Theme; Florintina; Texas Trail; Languid Lady; Thru' the Rockies; Convolution.

      Each track is typically 2-3 mins seconds in length. Harmonica solos, duets and harmonica/guitar.

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