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This is a mirror of the blog site posting by Andrew See, done with his permission, incase Microsoft closed down their Livespace service.

22 June, 2005 - Publisher Contact Information

This was posted to slidemeister yahoo group awhile ago, I just want to post it here again so that those who are not part of slidemeisters can have access to this information.

For those who are interested in finding these works, I hope the following list is useful. I have tried to follow up on the previously published list of harmonica concerti (originally published on harp-l, a copy of which is archived at here ) and update the publisher information for those I am able to find. I have added some leads for you so you know where you can get a copy of the score and don't have to go through what I went through in locating some of these works. I did go through all of the works in the original list. I have not included in the following list those works that I cannot ascertain the publisher information, or those that I cannot find a way to get a copy myself. For those of you who want to know what else is out there, the original list, plus the other wonderful list by Douglas Tate should be consulted.

I hope you find this list useful.


  • 1940 Caribbean Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Jean Berger for Larry Adler Mills Music Inc , USA. Contact Dannis Blubaug for archival copy. There is a problem with this concerto... the double stops are not possible to play on a C harmonica... don't know what this is about... I was under the impression that Larry Adler did perform the work so he must have changed somethings in order to get it to work. John Sheppard Music Press, P.O. Box 6784, Denver, Colorado 80206. Phone: (303) 320-6838.
  • 1942 Suite Anglais for Harmonica and Orchestra - Darius Milhaud for Larry Adler, Boosey& Hawkes, New York, USA. Available online at The harmonica version (listed under miscellaneous solo instrument and orchestra is only available for hire/perusal). The violin/piano version and the accordian version are available for retail.
  • 1948 Concertino for Harmonica and Piano - Hugo Hermann for Oscar Dheinbolt Hohner Ag, Trossingen, Germany. Available online at
  • 1951 Concerto Scherzoso for Harmonica and Orchestra - Graham Whettam for Larry Adler De Wolfe, London, UK.
  • 1953 Fantasy for Harmonica and Orchestra - Graham Whettam for Tommy Reilly Bosworth & Co, London, UK.
  • 1961 Second Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Graham Whettam for Tommy Reilly. Meriden Music, The Studio Barn, Silverwood House, Woolaston, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 6PJ. Telephone: +44 (0)1594 529026, Fax: +44 (0) 1594 529027,
  • 1951 Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Michael Spivakovsky for Tommy Reilly Bosworth & Co, London, UK. Available from online
  • 1952 Romance for Harmonica and Strings - Ralph Vaughan Williams for Larry Adler. Oxford University Press, London, UK. Available from or directly from OUP.
  • 1953 Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Alexander Tcherepnin for John Sebastian AMP, New York, USA. Schirmer Promotion Department, 257 Park Ave South, 20th floor New York, NY 10010. Phone: 212 254-2100. Fax: 212 254-2013. Contact their Promotion Department for Perusal Requests
  • 1953 Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Arthur Benjamin for Larry Adler, Boosey and Hawkes, London, UK. Boosey & Hawkes Inc., 35 East 21st Street, New York, NY 10010-6212, USA. Phone Number: +1 212 358 5300. Fax +1 212 358 5307. Promotions Department handles perusal requests - +1 212 358 5363. Available in piano reduction and full score.
  • 1953 Concerto for Harmonica and Strings - Alan Hovhaness for John Sebastian C F Peters, New York, USA
  • 1956 Greek Folk Dances for Harmonica and Strings Alan Hovaness for John Sebastian C F Peters, New York, USA. Available online at and
  • 1954 Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Malcolm Arnold for Larry Adler. Listed on in their rental catalogue. Listed also on Chester Novello in their rental catalogue, but study score available online from
  • 1955 Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Heitor Villa Lobos for John Sebastian AMP, New York, USA. G. Schirmer Promotion Department, 257 Park Ave South, 20th floor, New York, NY 10010, USA. Phone: 212 254-2100, Fax: 212 254-2013,, Contact their Promotion Department for Perusal Requests.
  • 1956 Roumanian fantasy for Harmonica and Orchestra - Francis Chagrin for Larry Adler, Mills Music, London, UK. Listed on in their rental catalogue. I finally got the score from G Schirmer. However, it is a score that is orchestrated for the full orchestra, not harmonica and orchestra, and you have to recreate the solo line from the score. Most of the parts that Larry Adler played on record are preceded with "solo" on the score, so it is not too difficult to figure out.
  • 1957 Divertimento for Harmonica and String Quartet - Gordon Jacob for Larry Adler - Joseph Williams, London, UK.
  • 1957 Five Pieces for Harmonica and Orchestra (or piano) Gordon Jacob for Tommy Reilly - Joseph Williams, London, UK. Available from ECSPublishing, Telephone: 617.236.1935, Fax: 617.236.0261, Email: While you are there, check out the oboe sonata and the recorder sonatina; they seem to fit well with the harmonica. Five Pieces (1957) also available from
  • 1957 Intermezzo Giocoso for Harmonica and Piano - Rudolf Wurthner for Rolf Glass Hohner AG, Trossingen, Germany. Available online at
  • 1960 Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Frank Lewin for John Sebastian Demeter Music Inc, Princeton NJ, USA. Publisher: Parga Music.Demeter Music, Inc., Parga Music, Bluepoint Productions, all at 113 Magnolia Lane, Princeton, NJ 08540, Telephone: 609 921-6374, Fax: 609 924-7677
  • 1961 Concerto for harmonica and Orchestra - Henry Cowell for John Sebastian. C F Peters, New York, USA. Available at and
  • 1966 Concerto for Harmonica and Strings - Naresh Sohal For Larry Adler. Listed on in their rental catalogue, but their librarians cannot find it in their library.
  • 1970 Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Henri Sauguet for Claude Garden. Ed Francais de Music, Paris, France. Details from Composer: Henri Sauget, Item Number: 524-04880, Publisher: Editions Billaudot, Price: $27.95, Available from dealers of Theodore Presser; see here for a list. Available online at
  • 1972 James Moody
    • Quintet for Harmonica and Orchestra - James Moody for Tommy Reilly
    • Spanish Fantasy for Harmonica and Orchestra - James Moody For Tommy Reilly
    • Irish Fallen Suite for Harmonica and Orchestra - James Moody For Tommy Reilly
    • Dance Suite Francais for Harmonica and Harp- James Moody For Tommy Reilly
    • Little Suite for Harmonica and Orchestra (or piano) - James Moody For Tommy Reilly and many others
    Available exclusively from James Hughes, 59 Bronte Farm Road, Shirley, Solihull, West Midlands, B90 3DF, UK. Telephone: 01217446155
  • 1974 Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Robert Russell Bennett for Cham-Ber Huang. Copyright Administrator: CF Peters Henmar Press Inc., 718 416 7800, 70-30 80th Street, Glendale, NY 11385, USA. This work, however, is not in CF Peters' rental library. As far as I know it is in manuscript form and Cham-ber has the manuscript. It is Robert Russell Bennett's last major work.
  • 1978 Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Richard Hayman for Richard Hayman Yorkville Music Co, New York, USA,. Yorkville Music 718 N Bridge St Yorkville, IL (630) 553-3860. Publishers/Administrators: Yorkville Music Co. and Richard Hayman Productions Inc, 55 East End Avenue, STE 5-L, New York, NY, 10028, USA. Telephone (212) 794-8822
  • Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra Vilem Tausky For Tommy Reilly Anglo Continental Music, London, UK. Original publisher defunct, copy available directly from Tausky; Contact via e-mail: Brenda C. Rayson; Prof: Vilém Tausky, CBE, FGSM, 10 Edward Road, Sundridge Park, Bromley, Kent, BR1 3NQ. It was with much regret that Maestro has passed away. Shortly after his death, I contacted Ms. Rayson for an update of this score. It appeaered that before his death, Maestro approached a publisher to republish this score, but the publisher asked the Maestro to pay for the publication, and the Maestro refused. So this score remains unavailable from any publishing houses. SPAH, through the efforts of Douglas Tate, has acquired a copy of the score, and is stored in their library of scores.
  • Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra - Robert Farnon For Tommy Reilly.
  • Prelude and Dance for Harmonica and Orchestra - Robert Farnon For Tommy Reilly. Here is an email from Robert Farnon Society regarding this score: Dear Andrew, This work is published by Warner Chappell Music. I am giving you their London address (and a contact name) below, but hopefully you should be able to obtain this music from their other offices (such as New York) as well. Caroline Underwood, Warner Chappell Music Group Ltd., The Warner Building, 28 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 4EP – telephone 0207 938 0000; fax 0207 368 2777. Best wishes, David Ades, Robert Farnon Society.
  • 1970 Sonata for Harmonica and Piano - Arnold Cooke For Douglas Tate. Anglo-American Music Publishers, P.O. Box 161323, Altamonte Springs, FL 32716-1323, U.S.A.; Tel.& Fax: 407 464 9454.
  • 1956 "Aldeas de España" Rapsodia for Harmonica and Piano by Rodrigo for Larry Adler: A copy of the score is available from Victoria and Joaquín Foundation. The work is not available commercially (see email) but they are willing to send you a photocopy of the archive version for free. The last section of the work is in B. Robert Bonfiglio, in his orchestration of this work, rescore this section to C. Email: From: Fundación Victoria y Joaquín Rodrigo, Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002.
    To: Andrew Chak On See, Subject: Re: "Aldeas de España" Rapsodia for Harmonica and Orchestra. Dear Mr. Chak On See, Thank you for your message concerning "Aldeas de España", written by Joaquín Rodrigo in 1956 for Larry Adler and dedicated to him. This work is not available as it was not published, and the only score that we have in the Archive at the Victoria and Joaquín Foundation is a photocopy of the score for harmonica and piano, not orchestra. In 1990,Angel Romero arranged the themes from this work for guitar and orchestra, under the title "Rincones de España". We hope this information will be helpful to you. Sincerely yours, Katherine Zegarra, Ediciones Joaquín Rodrigo.
    Dear Mr Andrew, a harmonica friend gave me your site address, very very interesting your site and I read in your harmonica works list the comments about Joaquin Rodrigo work "Aldeas de España". I made a revision of this work several years ago , and since about one year a commercial copy is available at Ediciones Joaquin Rodrigo managed by Mrs Cecilia Rodrigo , Joaquin's daughter . Anyone can buy it ( this copy is for harmonica & piano ). Best regards, René Haboyan
  • 19?? Fantasy Etude by Yasuo Watani for harmonica and piano. Available from
  • 19?? Konzert Etuden fur Chromonica nach Paganini-Themen (Concert studies for harmonica after Paganini Themes) by Fritz Pilsl Available from
  • 19?? Concierto del Ruisenor by Aldemaro Romero For Harmonica cromatica (Flute), String orchestra. Published by Tonos (German import). Available online from
  • 19?? "Three Preludes" by Thomas Schudel (for harmonica & piano). Write Mr. Schudel,, 149 Shannon Road, Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 5H6 - [Entry By Jesse Elliott]
  • 1950s - Graham Whetton - Janet Whettam.:
    • 1951 Whettam "Concerto Scherzoso" (piano reduction)
    • 1951 Whettam (for Larry Adler) "Fantasy for Harmonica and Orchestra" (piano reduction)
    • 1953 Whettam (for Tommy Reilly) "Impromptu for Harmonica"

    • "As for Whettam (who lives in England), he has removed all of the pieces he wrote prior to (I believe) 1958 from his catalogue of works because he feels that he was only practicing or learning the craft of writing at that time. Unfortunately, all of the harmonica pieces (but one) he wrote prior to that date." (Private correspondance from Jesse Elliott to Andrew, June 7, 2003)
  • 1948 "Concertino for Harmonica and Orchestra" (1948 for John Sebastian) by Norman Dello Joio. Email Debra. The concerto however is NOT listed on the list of compositions - Entry By Jesse Elliott
  • ???? "Certo" for Mouth organ and String trio by Siegfried Steinkogler. "...und bewache die Sterne..." für 2 mouth organs and recitator a harmonica concerto & various pieces. Email:

  • 1. Hohner Publications. This information comes from an email to a newsgroup from Len Killick I read a time ago: "Hohner ... Publishing business goes to Schott group of Mainz Trossingen... At the end of this year, the publishing business with a turnover of 1.5 million German marks will be sold to the Schott group of Mainz. Wormser Zeitung, 27 November 1998. .. As Schott is ramping up their website, most Hohner titles are now available online at The notable exception is Tommy Reilly's Serenade.
  • 2. Gordon Jacob Sonata for Harmonica. Gordon Jacob apparently wrote a Sonata for Harmonica and Piano for Tommy Reilly. Sonata for Harmonica and Piano, written 7 March 1977, dedication 'Tommy with admiration' (Tommy Reilly), first performance by Tommy Reilly. Douglas Tate confirmed that he has found a manuscript copy of this sonata in Tommy Reilly's estate.
  • 3. Publications from Schirmer/AMP. From the rental catalogue on
    • Arnold, Malcolm (b. 1921) - Concerto for Harmonica and Orchestra, Op. 46 (1954) 9' Nov, Harmonica; 0000/4331/timp.2perc/str (* But the study score of this one is also available from Boosey and Hawkes. There is no piano reduction. )
    • Chagrin, Francis (1905-1972) - Roumanian Fantasy for Harmonica (or Violin) and Orchestra (1956) 16' EMI, Harmonica or Violin; 3222/4230/4timp.2perc(hi-hat,xyl,vib)/hp/str.(* I called 3 times in the past year for the perusal; they still haven't sent it to me yet. Supposedly there is a piano reduction for this one.)
    • Kompanejez, Sinovij - Der Harmonikaspieler Spielt for Harmonica and Orchestra 5' SIK, ed. by D. Lwow, Harmonica ; orchestra
    • Laborie, Yves - Cadenza to the 'Concerto for Harmonica' by Villa-Lobos 2.5' AMP, Harmonica; (* They can't find this in their library)
    • Lachenmann, Helmut (b. 1935) - Harmonica — Music for large Orchestra with Tuba (1981/83) 31' B&H, Tuba; 4(4pic).43+bcl.3(cbn)+cbn/443+btbn.1/8perc/hp/pf.cel.eorg/str ( (* This is probably NOT for harmonica)
    • Sohal, Naresh (b. 1939), Concerto for Harmonica, Percussion and Strings (1966) 15' Nov, Harmonica; 4perc/pf[=cel] (* They can't find this in their library)
    • Villa-Lobos, Heitor (1887-1959) - Concerto for Harmonica (1956) 20' AMP, Harmonica; 1111/2010/timp.perc/hp/str. (* Piano reduction available)
    • Tcherepnin, Alexander (1899-1977) - Concerto, Op. 86 (1953) 20' AMP, Harmonica; 2222/4231/timp.perc/hp/str. (* Piano reduction available)
  • 4. All works by James Moody are only available through James Hughes. Ask Hughes to send you a catalogue. He has recorded a couple of CDs that feature these works.
  • 5. EC Schirmer Publishing is not the same as Schirmers. The works of Gordon Jacob are available from ECS
  • 6. Howard Friend is in UK. Beware of time zone difference when you call, if you are in a different time zone.
  • 7. Theodore Presser Co can be found at
  • 8. Peter Jenkyns wrote a number of wonderful works for harmonica. Unfortunately, as far as I know, they remain unpublished. Douglas Tate has recorded the Sonata with Jenkyns himself. Sonata for Harmonica and Piano Peter Jenkyns For Douglas Tate. Romance for Harmonica and Piano by Peter Jenkyns For Douglas Tate. Douglas Tate has the manuscipts of these works. Douglas Tate died in 2005 but his widow Barbara has copies.
  • 9. Having aborbed the Hohner catalogue, Schott now carries many pieces specifically written for the harmonica. Beware that the English version of the site uses the term "Mouth Organ" instead of harmonica in the navigation, but uses "Mundharmonika", "chromonica" and "chromonika" in the text description. It has 41 titles under "Performance literature" on May 18, 2003.
  • 10. Edition Peters listed the following works on; only the Hovhaness concerto is available through retail. All are available for hire and on a perusal basis. Schmidt, Hansjürgen -Triplum Harmonica (Klav.u.Kammerens.) 16 min. 1 Par, Hob, Blb, 0.2 Ps, 1 Klv, Str. Hovhaness, Alan - Harmonica Concerto (Concerto No.6) 10 min. 1 Par, 1 Ka, Str. Greek Folk Dances (7) 7 min. 1 Par, Str, 1 'Harmonica-Solo'. Cowell, Henry - Harmonica Concerto 18 min. 1 Par, 1 Sol, Hob, Blb, 0.1 Ps, Str.
  • 11. Jesse Elliot has provided information for Schudel, Whettam & Dello Joio on slidemeister, Friday, June 06, 2003.
  • 12. John Antill Sonata and Concerto - From: Manuscripts [], To: Andrew Chak On See, Subject: Papers of John Antill (MS 437) NLA03/395 - 17 June 2003, To: Mr Andrew Chak On See. Dear Mr Chak On See. Thank you for your enquiry of 5 June regarding John Antill's 'Concerto for harmonica and orchestra' and 'Sonata for harmonica and pianoforte' (MS 437, series 8a, folio packages 37-38). The John Antill Papers are held on restricted access. Before you can have access to the collection, you will need to provide us with a signed letter of permission from Antill's daughter, Mrs Jill Antill-Rose, of 216 Shephard's Drive, Cherrybrook, NSW, 2126, Australia. As the items in which you are interested are protected by copyright, you will also need Mrs Antill-Rose's permission to photocopy this material. The 'Concerto for harmonica and orchestra' and 'Sonata for harmonica and pianoforte' are essentially the same piece, one arranged for orchestra and the other for pianoforte. The collection includes: 'Concerto for harmonica and orchestra': 1 orchestral score, manuscript, 61 pages; 1 orchestral score, photocopy of the above, 61 pages. 'Sonata for harmonica and pianoforte', 1 piano score, manuscript, 1st movement only, incomplete, 6 pages;, 1 set of piano score and harmonica part, manuscript, 38 pages [may be by a copyist]; 3 piano scores, photocopies of the above piano score, each 30 pages; 2 piano scores, dieline copies, each 19 pages; Sketches and a letter to Larry Adler, 1961, 43 pages in total; 3 harmonica parts, photocopies (spiral bound), each 7 pages; 1 harmonica part, manuscript, 8 pages; 2 harmonica parts, dieline copies, each 8 pages; 1 set of piano score and harmonica part, foils (from which dieline copies were made), 26 pages; 6 harmonica parts, photocopies (spiral bound), each 8 pages. Should you obtain Mrs Antill-Rose's permission to access and photocopy this material, you may then request photocopies from the collection through our Copies Direct service. This service is available online at . Please specify on the request form exactly which items you would like to have copied from the above list. There is a charge of A$13.20 per Copies Direct order, and you may request up to 100 photocopies per order. Please note, however, that there is a total limit of 200 photocopies per reader for items from the Manuscript Collection. I trust that this information has been of some assistance. Yours sincerely, Megan Williams, Manuscript Section, Australian Collections and Reader Services, National Library of Australia.
  • 13. Franz Chmel has a very extensive list of pieces written for the chromatic harmonica. You may find his extensive listing here. Posted by Andrew See on April 2, 2005

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